Большая премьера спектакля Майкла Оливера (UK) "Средства для ничего" - The Wherewithal Without. – Дом поэтов

Большая премьера спектакля Майкла Оливера (UK) "Средства для ничего" - The Wherewithal Without.

Artiste Theatre Productions and Enigma Theatre, present An evening of authentic contemporary British existentialist absurdism.

Written and directed by Michael Oliver, winner of the 2018 Italian international theatre prize, the 2017 and 2019 Spanish international theatre prizes; and formerly writer in residence of the international journal of cultural intelligence, the Wherewithal Without is an exploration of the madness of the mundane, the extraordinary of ordinary. Sex, death, and religion; being and nothingness.

Due to current restrictions only a limited number of tickets are available.

It should be noted that the play will include various sections that have been prerecorded especially by actors currently locked down in the UK and USA. This is a theatrical performance of international scope and collaboration. It is not a play designed to help you learn the English language or to attract anyone to drama classes. This is theatre for the sake of theatre, art for the sake of art, pure British contemporary absurdism, written for a British stage, but premiering in Moscow.

Due to circumstances beyond our control and the very limited availability of the actors, who are in high demand in theatres elsewhere, The Wherewithal Without might only show once this year.

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21 марта 2021 г. 19:00–21 марта 2021 г. 20:00